I need to understand why people insist on bartering? Rental homes…. Yes that is the rent per month, no you may not have additional money off, no I do not care that your budget is 2000 and that I have set my rent at 2250. No there are not any incentives. Yes, I am sure- now seriously , shut the fuck up. Either rent at my listed price or find a new rental.


Today, it fucking happened.

It wasn’t like any other day-I wasn’t more annoyed today than I usually am. Perhaps I just chose to be a little more motivated on this particular day, but today the blog I’ve been threatening to start was birthed…hatched? Regardless, it’s here, in all its glory.  Now if you would like to be amused, or simply share a similar outlook on most simple things like I do, than I advise you to stick around- otherwise, if you are easily offended, here’s to steppin’…



First blog post

I have a voice. A big one. I don’t hold back, I usually tell someone my thoughts, but it’s usually just one person. I’m an anxious person and I’ve discovered this blog to be an outlet if you must, to channel my “negative” energy, and sometimes you just need to tell people to shut the fuck up.

We’ll start with this particular topic: Facebook. God I love Facebook. I really love to hate it.  People write the dumbest shit they can possibly think of and get pissed when someone comments. Or when they don’t comment, or when they don’t like something they’ve posted.  It’s the most brilliant tool ever created.  Nothing gets a group of assholes together faster than something that is NONE of their god damn business.  I’ll leave this first blog post generic. We’ll get into some specifics later.